Written in 2019-2021. I may get the writing bug again some time :-). I feel I will.

From my heart straight to yours, I’m sharing my insights and life learnings with anyone who is interested.

Inspired by many wise people, and an ongoing desire to get the most out of life and not settle for second best, I’ll keep adding as I live life.

Just click and read around and pass on to others who you think will benefit from it.

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Enjoy, and live fully!


All of Ellen

An overview of what else I get up to in life:

Close the Gap

Podcast on Life – in which Everything is questioned. Mostly ourselves… >>>

Switch on the Light

Writing. For those who want to take life next level. Not higher, just deeper. >>>

Business Support.
Virtually Everything

Supporting big visionaries by making all the magic happen in the background. >>>

Virtually Everything

Marketing services.
Freestyle Marketing

My long term marketing only business. Still going, as part of Virtually Everything. >>>

All of Ellen

An overview of what else I get up to in life:

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