Spend more time in your genius zone

I got your back

Supporting big visionaries with even bigger plans by making all the magic happen in the background. So they experience more time to bring their big vision alive. And beyond.

Create time and headspace

Use your time for what you are here to do.
Leave the rest to Ellen.

The PA Plus, the sun after a long period of rain, the glue who holds is it all together, the idea generator, the power house… I’ve been called all sorts of names. By doing virtually everything…

Everything PA

Be on top of all these crucial (and time consuming) tasks. Trust all runs smoothly.

  • Inbox management

  • Diary management

  • Admin/ Invoicing/ Quoting

  • Customer contact
  • Professional documents
    (PP presentations, handouts, etc)

Online Foundation

A professional online presence that serves your customer experience 100%.

  • Websites

  • Online store

  • Email solutions

  • Database management
  • Online courses
  • Online community

CRM Implementation

All your contacts in one place, track communication and nurture relationships. Using renowned software Keap®.

  • All your contacts in one place

  • All other apps you use connected, so they talk to each other

  • Automations to make life easier! (see next service)

Business Automation

Which of your doings and processes can be automated? That would save time, optimise the user experience – while keeping the human touch. All with Keap.

  • Inventorise processes + automisation plan:

  • Email automation

  • Schedule appointments

  • Set up email templates

  • Automated invoicing

  • Onboarding processes (eg new client/ subscriber)


For 15 years my core business, now a lovely add on to the above – all things marketing. See my Freestyle Marketing page for more info if this is the service you’re after.

  • Strategy and planning

  • Customer Journey optimisation

  • Write, design & build websites

  • Graphic design
  • Social media
  • Copy writing

Keap® Partner (leading CRM)

Keap® has been leading CRM software for 20+ years. It has endless possibilities for business automation, it’s affordable compared to some other big players, and I simply love their vibe. Now a certified partner, I can help businesses design, implement and maintain their CRM.

Visit the Keap® website >>>

“Ellen is the glue who holds is all together.”

Making the most of my talents and playing to my strengths, I naturally am a facilitator.

I move mountains for people with a vision and ideas that align with me – I want to make it happen just as much!

Luckily I can; over the last 15+ years (see Li) I have accumulated endless skills, and have become a full service business powerhouse,
that propels clients forward. And that… brings me so much joy.

Everyone winning!

How we can work together


I become 'Virtually Yours' - ongoing

I kinda become your PArtner in… the mission! For 8-12 ish hours a week I move mountains of work. We make a plan, and get going. We connect regularly, I am very flexible and available most days of the week.

The only condition is… I have to love what you do, and you have to love it too!

Get in touch >>


Project based I take on one or more projects

If you have a certain project you want to get done, I can take that off your hands. Setting up CRM, building a website, make all your documents look professional and consistent or anything else from the list above… I’d be happy to help.

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Nice things people have said

From OK to Excellence
The space Ellen has created has allowed me to be even more creative in my thinking time and this has resulted in weekly improvements in my sessions with clients. Where it was is a joke compared to where it is now. I’ve gone from ok to Excellent in all regards.

Leap forward
Ellen is very passionate and enables me to leap forward in my business dreams. She focuses solely on the best path for her client and breaks it down in to easily attainable steps.

You are not just another client but THE MOST IMPORTANT client and you have her undivided attention to get the job done.

“Without her you’d be screwed”

-Someone said to a client-

Ellen is great to work with, always motivating and high energy. She genuine takes interest in our business. Ellen is good with bigger strategy picture and setting defined goals and timelines.

A true small business powerhouse
Ellen is always many steps ahead of me, asks the tough questions that you know you need to answer but have been avoiding, and she’s always got the best outcome for me in her mind. Ellen is fast, efficient and a true small business powerhouse!

Wonder Woman
I was struggling with time wasted on manual tasks like taking emails, booking clients, changing appointments. It was a nightmare. Then… Wonder Woman came along…

Be busy.
But with the right things.
Liberate yourself from the daily grind.
And catapult forward.

Bring yourself a sigh of relief…

All of Ellen

An overview of what else I get up to in life:

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Podcast on Life – in which Everything is questioned. Mostly ourselves… >>>

Switch on the Light

Writing. For those who want to take life next level. Not higher, just deeper. >>>

Business Support.
Virtually Everything

Supporting big visionaries by making all the magic happen in the background. >>>

Virtually Everything

Marketing services.
Freestyle Marketing

My long term marketing only business. Still going, as part of Virtually Everything. >>>

All of Ellen

An overview of what else I get up to in life: