The marketing department that all small businesses need, and thought they couldn’t have. But they can.

Marketing. Get it right.

Show up. In front of the right audience. And then give them a great experience. Stay genuine along the way. That’s the essence of good marketing.

That’s what I do. And I do it well. Let me do it for you.

A one-stop-shop makes life easy.

It’s like having a full marketing department available. Here’s an overview of all the skills you can draw from.

  • Marketing strategy and planning

  • Communications

  • Copy writing

  • Website development (WordPress, Rocketspark, Squarespace)

  • Collateral development (brochures, cards, folders, etc)

  • Social media

  • Brand development

  • Design

  • Blogging, newsletter and other content

  • Campaigns and (online) advertising

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Managing/briefing expertise services (such as photographers, videographers)

  • Many many tools (Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey, Google’s toolkit and so on)

That’s a lot of hats for one person!

Totally. Handy, isn’t it?  Over the years I’ve become very skilled in all things marketing. Now combining these all – I’ve become the one-stop-shop. It makes life pretty easy – and affordable. And where things go beyond my ‘hat’ (eg a designing a new brand scratch) – I’ll find an amazing rockstar to join the team. (view portfolio to see what I can do for you).

What I don’t do?

Fluff. Big promises. Big talk. Pushy marketing.

Fluff. Don’t expect endless brand documents, full of ‘fluff’. They have their place, but not if they blow your year-budget.

Big promisses, big talk. Sales. Better ranking. Conversion rates. Popular marketing jargon, but not necessarily words that make me tick. Crazy huh? Don’t worry, it will all happen. It’s just not my focus. So what is? Focussing on putting your audience at the centre at everything you do. Be pure and genuine, offer value. Results will come, and they will last.

Cold calling and any other pushy marketing. It really isn’t of this time any longer. Be pure, offer value, and so on – see the above really.

About Elan.

A small business powerhouse.

Practical and fast, I get stuff done.

Wearing many hats.

Thanks to 15+ years in various roles in different organisations, I can call myself an all-rounder.

I keep it real.

Sky is the limit in marketing, but let’s just focus on what works for you. I’m a fan of a solid plan, focus on stuff that gives you the most mileage – your marketing essentials.

Meet all of me

Ellen is always many steps ahead of me, asks the tough questions that you know you need to answer but have been avoiding, and she’s always got the best outcome for me in her mind. Ellen is fast, efficient and a true small business powerhouse!

Sehaam Cyrene, Paper Tuner

Ellen is very passionate about her job in enabling me to leap forward in my business dreams. She focuses solely on the best path for her client and breaks it down in to easily attainable steps. You are not just another client but THE MOST IMPORTANT client and she gets the job done.

Jane McIntyre, Plum Meadows

How we can work together.

I’m flexible. A one-off project, ongoing support, or just help you kick start your marketing. For some clients I work every week, for others 5 to 10 hours each month. And some just need a one-off project done. Whatever suits.

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Your next step.

What is going to be most helpful? No resource, but lots to do? Are you absolutely clueless on what to do next? Or just want to free yourself up? Help is here.

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