Small Business CRM & marketing platform

bringing ease and growth

Small Business CRM, which is…

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management system, in other words: one big database that brings together information from all your contacts into one place.


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  • CRM

  • (Marketing) Automation

  • Email Marketing

  • Ecommerce

  • Invoicing, Quotes, recurring payments, reminders

  • Online calendar/ appointments

  • Email templates for common emails

  • Forms

  • Sales pipelines (funnel per stage)

  • Analytics and reporting

  • Integration with other apps
    (such as calendars, zoom, online shop, etc)

  • Connects with Memberium (memberships), BuddyBoss (online communities) and Learndash (online courses)

How KeapĀ® can help you:

  • Automate time consuming tasks
    Eg repetitive emails (sending info/pricing), invoicing, booking appointments, reminders, etc.

  • Big Process Automation
    Eg a welcome series for new subscribers, or an onboarding process for new clients.

  • Outstanding and smooth (online) audience experience
    Your audience is looked after + less reliance on you or team member.

  • All your applications in one place
    Eg online shop, Zoom, Google calendar, email application, accounting software.

  • Expand
    Connects amazingly well with Memberium (memberships), BuddyBoss (online communities) and Learndash (online courses).

Ellen's added value

  • Inventorise your processes
    What are your processes (do you actually have a full understanding?) that are taking up time and energy?

  • Automation plan (don’t automise everything!)
    Which ones can be automated? Is it also wise to automate them?

  • Guard the human touch
    Don’t get carried way and automise everything!

  • Automize and… optimise!
    Build, implement, monitor, evaluate and finetune everything we built.

  • Your one go-to

  • Partner discounts
    Through the partnership I can give up to 30% discount.