Fun. Fun. Fun. Just have fun. As if life is all about fun. It’s definitely important but sometimes life isn’t fun. It can be hard, challenging, sad, tough, unclear. Not fun. Nothing to like. And just because ‘fun’ seem to be so important, we may feel like a failure by not having fun. Or at least be driven to make a change – towards fun.

But what if our aim wasn’t fun. To not like life all the time. But just -and here we go again- be okay with exactly that what is going on for us right now. Which can be bloody hard, but since it is reality, we may as well embrace it.

In my view life is full of opportunity for personal growth – ‘everything is here to help you’ (another quote from someone that resonates with me). ‘Help you’ as in ‘growing you’. I remind myself often of this, and then I can see anything that arises in my life as an opportunity to welcome, rather than a problem/feeling/emotion I need to get rid off. Not that I welcome misery into my life. I’m not cheering when I’m faced with something awful. But when it’s there, it’s better to face it head on, whether you like what’s happening or not.

This way of thinking, I quite like it. Kinda fun haha.