The following text is a translation from a beautiful piece of Yessica Alaya Sillekens (The Netherlands) – Master of Being (my words, haha. I also call her ‘My Inner Truth Lady’ – she gets me straight there). This powerful post is worth sharing, so here it is. Visit her website here:


“Imagine, desire is totally okay, that the desire to want something, or to desire something pleasant or beautiful, is just part of nature, part of Life itself. We don’t do desire, it just occurs. It comes by, its an authentic impulse of Life.

“The problem with desire is not the desire, but the craving to fulfill the desire.”

Nisargadatta said it clearly, this is what’s in our way. This is the problem. The craving, the hunger, that wanting to have. That is not us. That’s the thinker, the patterns, the tension. The ‘wanting to have’ is not the same as the desire for it. These two are essentially very different.

The longing to loving attention, loving touch or simply pretty things are not the same as wanting to have it. Often this is seen as one and the same. And that’s why it can be so confusing. If we can see the difference between the two, the second part (wanting to have it) quiets down, it relaxes. And the pure longing, we can just embrace, and enjoy.

Then we can see that the Universe, Life itself, has the tendency to bring exactly that what we’ve been longing for. Although, often in a form very different from what we could have imagined. And often this form appears to be more fulfilling than the form the thinker within us tried to come up with.

These are the dimensions of desire. It also applies to desire for NOT wanting certain things or situations; wanting to solve problems. This is all within the same movement. The thinker assumes to know how to solve problems, how to get rid of them. But then we can say ‘no, let’s not.’ We are just going to let it be. Rest in Being. And rest in the desire for a different situation. But we are not going to change it. We let Life show us the way how to get there.” – Yessica Alaya Sillekens

Thank you Yessica for your beautiful words.